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District 56 Jr, Sr & 50/70 by Laws

Junior, Senior & 50/70 Interleague by Laws


1:01 – These rules are established to provide uniformity and consistency throughout the leagues from year to year. They will in no way conflict with or supersede those specifically stated and recorded in the published Little League Official Rulebook for any current year. The Little League Official Rule Book will be followed, with the approved exceptions.


2:01 – LL Rule: 4.07 is in effect: (Automatic suspension for the team’s next physically played game). ALL Umpire ejection reports are to besent to the Dist. ADA of Jr/Sr Div.

2:02 - LL Rule: 9.05 (c): The Discipline Committee, composed of a representative from each league in the Alliance, may impose additional penalties if the committee deems that the infraction warrants- The committee must notify the ADA of the Jr./Sr. Div. of the infraction that they are imposing additional penalty before the hearing. The Committee must render a decision within forty-eight (48) hours of notification by the umpire to any Committee member and their result sent by email to the Dist. ADA of Jr/Sr Div.


3:01 – Each Alliance is responsible for their game schedules-

Game times and dates of games must be approved by the Alliance Committee for their respective Alliance. Copies of the MASTER schedule will be emailed to the ADA of the Jr./Sr. Div. to be posted on the District 56 website.

3:02 – All games that are not played are to be reported the Dist. ADA of the Jr./Sr. Div. A committee, made up of the District Administrator and who is appointed as specific ADA staff, and will rule to have the Alliance re-schedule or to forfeit the un-played game. These games are to be scheduled on first available OPEN date on the Master schedule or on that following Friday or Sunday if fields are available. Exception:  Weather related cancellations or conditions out of the control of the participating managers are exempt.


4:01 –Only Local League Related Ground Rules will be allowed. It is the responsibility of the home team to give the umpires and visiting team the local ground rules at the umpire meeting before the game; what dugout is home, what is dead ball territory, what is a home run, what is a ground rule double,

4:02 – Player Playing Time: LL Reg. IV (i) & LL Rule 3.03: All Divisions will be per LL Rules & Regulations. Each league/or Junior Alliance may impose more playing time on their teams with District Approval. {Mandatory Play: 1 at Bat and 6 Outs.}

4:03 – Mercy Rule: LL Rule 4.10 (e) will be in effect.

4:04 – Time limit: No new inning shall be started after 2 hours 15 minutes. A new inning begins when the last out is made. Drop Dead time is 2 hours 30 mins- Last Batter

Exception:  Games tied at the end of regulation will continue until a winner is determined.

4:05 – Base Distance: For Juniors will be determined by each Alliance. All Alliances, should go to the 60/90 fields, starting: Alliance Option

4:06 – BALKS: will be enforced per LL Rule 8.01 and will start

4:07 – Batting Line-up’s: LL- Rule 4.04

For Juniors-Intermediate Alliance, Batting line-up will be determined by each Alliance at the beginning of each season. It is strongly suggested that they play by the Green Rule Book by playing 9 with subs.

For Senior Division- Batting Line-up will be in accordance with LL Rule 4.04. OR before the game starts, with the Agreement of the Two Mgr’s a Continuous Batting order may be used during Regular Season Games. If both managers cannot agree then a nine-player batting order will be used with subs.

4:08- Pitch Count: LL Reg. VI (d):  Each team will exchange with the other team prior to start of play of each game their Pitching Register from the previous game that was signed by the manager, showing the count for their players who pitched.

4.09- LL-Rule 6.02 (c); Batters Must keep one foot in the batter’s box.

4.10- LL- Rule 3.04: A courtesy runner may be used for the Pitcher or Catcher of record when there are two outs.

4.11- Junior Division may use 13 to 15 year olds, during the regular Season.

15 Y/O pitching is the option of each alliance.


5:01 –Intermediate, Junior and Senior League teams must maintain at least a minimum of 12 players per team- if it is a smaller size team - must have an approved waiver by Charter thru the District Administrator.

5:02- At the beginning of each season. Each league is to select one person to act as the Assigner of Pool Player for their League OR IF AGREED UPON BY ALL LEAGUES IN THE ALLIANCE, then that Alliance may agree to assign ONE person for the entire Alliance to act as this person. The Assigner will contact all leagues in the Alliance to establish a list of those players, who wish to act as a Pool Player.  Following the rules specified in Regulation V (c); the assigner will use the list to randomly assign a player or players to fill the needs of any Team(s) in that Alliance. All leagues in that alliance are to have players available. Either the Local League assigner or the Alliance League assigner MUST select players on a rotating basis and fairly from ALL the leagues. Being careful to not show favoritism or pairing leagues unfairly.

5:03 - Pool Players: Regulation V (c):  When a team faces a shortage of roster players for a game, the Manager is expected to request players from the Assigner of Player Pool for the Alliance, so as to be able to field 10 players at the scheduled game time. The use of Pool Players must follow the guidelines as defined in LL Regulation V (c) of the LL Rule Book. Managers must announce at the plate meeting, if a Pool Player, is playing on their team for that game.


6:01 – Standings will be maintained by each League by division from the games played on the MASTER Alliance Schedule. TOC Pairings/Standings will be determined only by the games won or lost on the MASTER Alliance Schedule. No added games will count.

6:02 – Home team is responsible for keeping score and the pitch count.  Both managers and umpires need to sign the score book or score sheet AND the League’s Pitching Register after each game.

6:03 – Each team will provide two (2) new regulation JR./Senior League Baseballs for each game played and have 2 spare good used ones in case they are needed.  If these additional balls are needed each team takes turn (beginning with home team) supplying the additional good used baseballs.50/70 as well.

6:04 – Protest: LL Rules 4.19.  The Protest Committee will be composed of the District UIC’s (NOT in conflict) -2 appointed District Staff ADA’s (NOT in conflict), as well as the ADA Directors of 50/70, Jr. Sr. Division (NOT in conflict) and may include the District Administrator if needed.  A written report will follow stating the ruling. Any protesting manager must turn in the written VIA EMAIL protest to the District Jr. Sr. ADA and their Local League President or Jr./SR /50/70 Director within 24 hours of the protest stating the RULE Infraction that was broken clearly.- NO VIDEOS allowed.

6:05- Umpires:

6.05.1- For Junior Division; games played at their home field sites (but not necessarily the HOME TEAM) are responsible for scheduling umpires and will also be responsible for billing accordingly to each of the presidents.

6.05.2- For Intermediate Division; games played at their home sites (but not necessarily the HOME TEAM) are responsible scheduling umpires and will be responsible for billing accordingly each of the presidents.

6.05.3- For Senior Divisions; The District ADA UIC’s will assign the Umpires from any association approved group

6:06 – Each league will pick their own tournament teams, managers and coaches following LL League Rules & Regulations and their league bylaws.

6:07 – If two or more Leagues are going to combine for All-Stars, they must submit a description of their method of selecting their All-Star managers and coaches as well as players to be selected on the All Star team in writing to District DA and ADA of the Jr. SR./ 50/70 for approval..

This All Star team will be a maximum of 14 players and a minimum of 12 players.

6:08 – If an Alliance Committee member is not available, the President of the League they represent can act on behalf of the member.

6:09 – If there is a change to one of these rules, (THERE ARE NO NEGOTIATIONS) it must be presented to all Alliance Committee Members that the rule affects).  All changes are sent to the District ADA of the 50/70, Jr. / Sr, division for approval or disapproval PRIOR to it being enforced.


7.01 – Esteli Park has a no seed shell rule on the playing  field by anyone and no food, candy or drinks other than water allowed in dugout per city regulation for maintaining the  Astor turf- and their board along with the UMPIRES will notify the manager and will enforce a fine of $50 when a league violates rule- The president will be notified and it must be paid by check to LH within 72 hours of being notified.

Sunflower Seed/Shell Rule

To all:

Sunflower seeds and peanuts in the shell can only be eaten with the shells going into a cup- we will be charged for any shells left behind on the grass or under the bleachers- please follow this rule!

Every team is responsible for:

  1. Cleaning up after themselves
  2. Ensure that the entire area is left clean of any seed shells

There is no food or any sugar drinks allowed on Skeeter Holt field, only water.

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