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LHCLL Draft System Rules

The Purpose of the draft system is to try and make equitable distribution of player talent and to provide good balance among the teams of the league.  Every eligible youngster residing within the LOCAL LEAGUE BOUNDARIES or has a proper school waiver form on file with the league, and have submitted  proofs shall receive notice of call for candidates for tryouts for the status of a candidate unless that youngster presents an excuse, which is accepted by a majority of the Board of Directors.

  1. Ages for Senior Division are13, 14 (high school freshman), high school players 15 and 16 yrs. old.
  2. Ages for Junior Division can be 13, 14 and 15 yrs. old (as of 2021).
  3. Ages for 50-70 Intermediate Division 11, 12 and 13 yrs. old.
  4. Ages for Majors are 11 and 12 yrs. old.
  5. Ages for AAA Division are 10 and 11 yrs. old and 9 yr. olds who pass the tryout criteria. (Maximum of 1 per team.)
  6. Ages for AA Division are 9 yrs.old with 8 yrs. old who pass the try out criteria.
  7. Ages for Minor A are 8 and 7 yrs. old as long as they have played one year of Min B. Either in Fall Ball or Regular Season
  8. Ages for Minor B Division are first time 7 yrs. old and ALL 6 yr olds
  9. Ages for Tee Ball are 4 and 5 yrs. old. 5 yr. olds may NOT advance to Min B

When a thorough tryout program has been completed and a time for the draft has been set, the managers along with the Player Agent and respective Board Members will meet and conduct the draft in accordance with the following rules:  The Major Division will draft first and then the AAA Division followed by the AA Division.  The Minor A, Minor B and Tee Ball Division will NOT be drafted and shall be compiled by school area and living area by the Player Agent and Division Director.  This will be done at a different Date and time.

First Option – Plan A

When a thorough player evaluation has been completed, the last place team from the preceding season gets the first choice in every round of the draft, the next to last place team gets the second selection in every round, and the remaining teams select in the reverse order of standing. For the purpose of explanation, let us assume that there are four teams in the league:

First Round

  1. Fourth Place manager selects first player.
  2. Third place manager selects the second player.
  3. Second place manager selects the third player.
  4. First place manager selects the fourth player.

Second Round

  1. Fourth Place manager selects fifth player.
  2. Third place manager selects the sixth player.
  3. Second place manager selects the seventh player.
  4. First place manager selects the eighth player.
  5. Process repeats until the rosters are completed.

Second Option – Plan B

This draft takes place in two separate parts.

First part includes those players who are:

  1. Returning from a Major team in the same division, AND;
  2. Have registered for the current season

Second part of the draft includes:

  1. All players who are eligible for selection and have attended the required number of player evaluations.

This first draft of returning players must be completed before the second part of the draft, and all returning players who qualify under both conditions above must be drafted. Managers are not permitted to waive a draft choice.

The draft rotation follows the reverse order of finish from the previous season, with the last place team’s manager receiving the first pick. For example, in a four-team league, the team that finished last in the previous season would get the 1st, 8th, 9th, and 16th picks through the first four rounds.


Third Option – Plan C / Blind Draft Method

This method takes all players available and has managers draw names from a container. An example of this process for the Majors Division is as follows;

  • Step 1: Determine the number of teams that you have. Remember that Major League teams may have a maximum of eight league age 12-year-olds; and league age 12-year-olds must be drafted to a Major League, Intermediate, or Junior League team.
  • Step 2: Managers are randomly given a team name.
  • Step 3: Place all registered 12-year-olds into a container. Then each manager selects a player from the container until all league age 12-year-olds are selected.
  • Step 4: Place all registered 11-year-olds into a container. Then each manager selects a player from the container until all league age 11-year-olds are selected or until the team roster is full.
  • Step 5: The same procedure for league age 9- and 10-year-olds and junior division.

 Tips on Drafts

  • When a league decides to substitute a selection system for the ones outlined above, a complete description of such substituted system must be presented in writing to Little League International for approval waiver with DA's recommendation.

The D56 rule will be implemented in the draft- A manager may pre select an “ADULT HELPER”- He may NOT be part of the draft system or present at the draft night- That player of the “ADULT HELPER’s” tryout will be ranked and he will be drafted according to that ranking- UNLESS it falls after the LL age draft recommendation in the LL rule book-The LL rule book will take precedent. NOTE: everything above in Plan B applies with regards to the major division such as returning 12 yrs. olds being put on a major team first, and then filling in with 11 yrs. olds until the teams are filled with 12 players each.- In AAA same applies-  drafting ALL  the remaining 11 yrs. olds that were not picked for the major division and then filling in with I 0 yrs. olds and any X's (special tryouts) that made it to advance to this level until the teams are filled to a maximum of 15 players-in the AA division- ­ drafting all 9 yrs. olds and then any X's (special tryouts) that made it to advance to this level until the teams are filled to 15 player's maximum. Any late signups are to be collected until there are 2 and drawn out of a hat by the next teams in the draft order- until the teams are filled to their maximum.


An option is an agreement between a manager and the Player Agent covering a special condition. All options must be in writing (except No. 1) and be submitted to the Player Agent 48 hours

Prior to the draft. The options are as follows:

  1. Brothers/Sisters in the Draft
    When there are two or more siblings in the draft, and the first brother or sister is drafted by a manager, that manager automatically has an option to draft the other brother or sister on the next turn.  If the manager does not exercise the option, the second sibling is then available to be drafted by any team.
  2. Brothers/Sisters of Players Currently on a Team
    If desired, a manager shall submit an option in writing on a draftee if the player candidate's brother or sister is a member of that manager's team.  If such an option is submitted, the manager MUST draft the sibling within the first three draft selections.
  3. Sons/Daughters of Managers
    If a manager has sons and/or daughters eligible under Regulation II for the draft, and wishes to draft them, he/she must submit the option in writing.  If so stated, the parent/manager is required to exercise the option at or before the close of the specific draft round, depending on the League Age of sons and/or daughters.  Parent/manager option takes priority over any other option.
    NOTE:  These provisions also apply for managers having eligible brothers or sisters in the draft.
  4. Sons/Daughters of Coaches
    A NEW coach shall not be appointed nor approved until after the draft to avoid "Red Shirting" of players through selective coaching appointments. A returning coach, through the manager, may exercise an option in writing to the Player
    Agent provided:
    (a)   The coach has served as a manager or coach in the league (at any level) for the past two years AND,
    (b)   The coach is returning to the same Major League team as last year.
    IMPORTANT: In order for a manager to exercise this option, the coach must qualify under BOTH conditions above.


Draft Rounds

If an option is submitted in writing for the son and/or daughter of a manager or coach, such candidate must be drafted in or before the following round:

Draft RoundsLittle League JuniorSeniorBig
9 & 10
411 131517
31214 & 151618


4A: All other drafted divisions (AA and AAA and Junior and Senior) draft order shall be determined by draw and the rounds shall be drafted teams 1 thru 8 and then 8 thru 1 and so on with rounds being alternated until all the teams Are full. Managers/Coaches sons shall be picked according to rule #5 and Siblings rules 1-4 (above) being followed

5. Special Considerations Which Apply:

  1. If the manager so chooses, the option on son or daughter may be waived.
  2.  In the event the parent becomes a manager in another league, that parent may not claim the son or daughter.
  3. Players are eligible only in the league whose boundaries include the parent/manager's
    Home residence (as defined by Little League).
  4. When a vacancy occurs during the playing season, the player selected to fill the vacancy becomes a permanent member of that team, governed by the same regulations as all members of the team selected in the draft.
  5. All players, including sons/daughters of managers and coaches at the Minor League level, are subject to the draft.

Secrecy:  Players shall never be told the position in which they were drafted.

Bonus Picks:  Each manager requiring eight or more players prior to the draft to complete the roster will be allowed one bonus pick at the completion of round four. If more than one manager is allowed bonus picks under the section, the order of rotation will be identical to that being followed in the draft.


Following the draft, managers may, if they desire, trade players until 14 days after the first scheduled game.  ALL TRADES SHALL BE MADE THROUGH AND WITH THE APPROVAL OF THE PLAYER AGENT.  The following restrictions also apply:

  1. Minor League players may not be traded for Major Division players.
  2. All trades must be player for player only.  (Example:  Two players from Team A could not be traded for one player on Team B).
  3.  Trades involving a player for draft choices are not permitted.  (Example:  A manager cannot trade his/her right to pick the third player overall for an existing player on another team.  However, once the draft is complete, a trade may be consummated, providing it meets all other criteria for trading).

The Player Agent must monitor any attempts by managers and parents to manipulate the system and thus create an imbalance in the league.  ALL TRADES MUST BE FOR JUSTIFIABLE REASONS AND BE APPROVED BY THE PLAYER AGENT RECOMMENDATION BEFORE THE LOCAL BOARD.

La Habra City Little League policy is as follows:

La Habra City Little League does not allow trading of players between teams unless there is a Justifiable reason and only then with the Player Agent's approval and Board approval can this be done.  All trades must be player for player only and Rd for Rd and Age for Age.  Trades involving a player for draft choices are not permitted.  The Player Agent MUST monitor any attempts by managers and parents to manipulate the system and thus create an imbalance in the league.


Each player acquired shall for the duration of his or her major Little League or Senior Major

League career is a member of the team making the acquisition, unless subsequently traded or released.  The Board of Directors shall reserve the right to continue as a player any youngster whose residence changes after becoming a member of the league as provided for regulation lid. However, the Board in exercising this right should take the best interest of the child into consideration.


A manager upon loss of a player shall immediately notify the Player Agent in writing within 24 hours as to the loss and cause of the loss of the player.  The manager, after the Player Agent verifies the loss, will have 14 days to select another player. The player must be of eligible age and one level lower than his own.  Player replacement is player age for player age whenever possible.  At no time is the manager nor anyone acting on his behalf to make any contact with the scouted player, his parents/guardian or his manager.  ALL correspondence between the manager and the replacement player shall be conducted through the Player Agent.

Penalty for approaching a player, parent, manager or coach of the team in which you are considering as a replacement will make the replacement NULL AND VOID and the child will not be eligible for the remainder of the current season.   Possible suspension by the Board of Directors may be warranted.

If a parent/guardian exercises their right and refuses their child from being drafted up to the next level the following will occur:

  1. The manager of the team who suffered the loss will have the remainder of the 14 days from the first loss or 24 hours to find a second replacement (whichever is greater).
  2. The player who refused to be drafted up will be moved lateral to the team who loses a player because of drafting up of the second player.
  3. No son/daughter of a manager or frozen player shall be permitted to draft up without the consent of the child's parent/guardian.

When a team loses a player to a higher division due to replacement, that team is exempt from loss of another player until all other teams in that division have lost a player to a higher division. Replacement of players is permitted only as long as there are more than 14 days or more than four games remaining in the regular playing season.  (NOTE:  not including playoffs or tournament play.)


If a player wishes to be advanced to a higher division in the AA or AAA or  Major  drafted divisions only- these players will be allowed to tryout on a special tryout date and time with the Board of Directors present to rate them. If player is successful at the tryout the player must then attend the tryout for the division he will be allowed to advance to and also the division he should be in -just in case any manager does not draft him to the advanced division. They also must have their previous manager/coaches letter of recommendation from our league, a parent's letter requesting the advancement and then pass the tryout. The tryout will consist of Batting, throwing, running, catching ground balls and fly balls. (9 yr olds who advance will play at least two years of AAA)

Manager selection for advanced players:

Fathers' who are applying to manage their son/daughter and have an advanced player, will be judged Accordingly, with all the other managers coming up from the division below and not automatically given a team to manage-but will go thru the same process and will be appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors. (Another words, it is NOT automatic that the league will make room for the father just because his son is being advanced- he will not take the place of a manager coming from the lower division unless the board and president approves it and he is MORE qualified than those in the rotation.)


The All Star Teams may be comprised of 12 (13 if the manager so chooses) players each except for seniors, they shall have 14 players

Eligible Nominees: If the board chooses to have teams in all levels of All Stars:

The 8-9-10 yr old team will be of 9/10- year old players nominated from the AAA Division only.

The 9-10-11 yr old team shall be of 10/11-year-old players nominated from the Major division teams only.

The Major division team shall be of 11/ 12 year olds nominated from the Major division teams only.

The SUPER STAR added by District division team, shall be of 8 and 9 yr olds nominated from the AA Division teams only.

The Junior division team shall be of 13 year olds nominated from the Junior division and 13, 14 year olds nominated from either the Junior or Senior divisions.

The senior division team shall be of 14 (freshman), 15 & 16 year olds from the Junior and Senior divisions

Nominee selections: if the board chooses to have teams in all levels of All Stars:

The AA, AAA, Major, and Junior managers will be given one sheet to nominate 6 players from their own team. If there are less than three teams in any division they will nominate 7 or 8 depending on the amount of eligible players, to ensure there are enough players in the pool to vote on.

AA managers will only nominate 8 & 9 yrs old for the SUPER FUTURE STAR TEAM.

The AAA division managers will only nominate 10 yrs. old.
However, the Major division shall be of both ages: for the 11 yrs. olds, 6 11yr olds. shall be nominated and 6 -12 yrs. olds for the major team. If you have and 11 yrs. old that you want nominated to the Major division team it shall still count as one of your 6 in both. Another words, if you have Johnny an 11 yrs. old nominated for the major division he shall be listed on both the 11 yrs. old ballot and the major division ballot and shall be voted on by each of the groups in both sections.
If the Junior Division is going to be compirsed of both the Senior Div and Junior Div players, then both division mgrs will nominate their best 6 players from each team of a combination of 13,14, yr olds. No 15 yr. olds can be on the Junior All Star Team per rule book.
(The SR Division all stars will be picked separately with the managers and director unless there are two senior teams then they will folow the above procedures))

All Star Manager Selections:

if the board chooses to have teams in all levels of All Stars:

The Player Agent and Division Director shall compile the letters of intent in each of the divisions of those managers that would like to be voted as the manager of the All Star team of their respective division. THE FIRST place manager in AA·(for 8 / 9's), AAA-(for the 10/11’s yrs. old team) Majors for (11’s, 12's yrs. old) and Junior’s will have the FIRST spot on the   ALL STAR Ballot and consideration. If either denies wanting to be the All Star Manager in their respective division then it will be passed onto those that have submitted a letter of intent and the third and fourth place, teams respectfully. These names shall be posted on the ballot and shall be voted on by the players. The manager with the most votes AND with the Board of Directors approval /votes will then be selected for that respective division. If there is a tie- a tiebreaker vote will be taken with the Division Director-Pres-VP and Player Agent (if not in conflict). There will be only ONE manager and he shall pick his TWO coaches, (subject to the Board of Directors approval) per All Star Team. Any other coaches the Manager selects or asks to help will NOT be part of the official Roster and ALL will have to pay for all their attire. The MANAGER/And his Coaching staff CHOSEN-- MUST NOT have ANY AFFTLIATION or Ties to any travel ball team during the All Star practices and game duration- They MUST be able to commit to COACHING AND FUFILLING ALL DUTIES RELATED TO the All Star team 100%-IF THEY CANNOT GIVE LOYALTY TO LHCLL AND LHCLLL ONLY, THEY SHOULD NOT ACCEPT THE POSITION.

The Voting Shall be as Follows, on a specific date:

  1. ALL the players in these divisions, AA, AAA, Majors, and Juniors, will be given the list of nominees of their respective division. These players will vote by secret ballot in their respective divisions for the BEST 10 players. These votes will be collected by the player agent and kept in secret. The players may not vote for themselves or their coaches or managers if they are related to them.
  2. This same list will be given to the managers and coaches of these divisions and they will also vote by secret ballot the 8 BEST players-NOTE: to avoid "politics" managers and coach's sons cannot be voted by their own team's managers or coaches- (another words if father mgr./coach of Team A has a son or a coach's son or sibling freeze­ stepson, godson, nephew. grandson-nominated he may not vote for those players.) ONLY THE OTHER managers, coaches, and the players, and league officials, can vote on Managers and Coaches sons on that team. These ballots will be collected by the player agent and kept in secret.


At a closed door meeting, the Player Agent and VP/Pres will tally all these votes- The top 10 players (14 in seniors) with the top votes from these four divisions' ballots will qualify to be on each of the teams. When completing the remaining roster of each team and there is more than one player that has equal votes, a vote by secret ballot will take place by the board present and thus the players with the majority of votes taken by the Board at this meeting will complete the roster. In case of a tie; after the board votes, then the President will break the tie (if not in conflict), but if in conflict it shall be broken by the Division Director (if not in conflict), but if in conflict, it shall then be broken by the Player Agent. The Manager of each level will be given the choice to choose the remaining 3 players or 2  players if only carrying 12 on the team, from the selection of the next highest votes including a 13th player- if he so chooses. All add on players MUST be from All Star Ballot.

If for any reason a player chooses not to play on the team selected, the Manager, Player Agent and Director will decide his/her replacement. Managers and Coaches may not choose a replacement without prior approval- at ANY time are tryouts to be held to replace ANY player. This replacement player must be chosen from the ballot list of that division.

Other Requirements of Selected Players;

Each player that is selected to the All Star Team will be required to pay for his or her entire uniform by CASH ONLY. They will also pay for their own All Star jacket, belt, sock and any additional equipment. Each player's parents shall attend a mandatory parent meeting. At this meeting the parent shall adhere and bring ALL of the following:

Each player must produce the following: if not already on the new website when originally registered:

  • Three forms of proof of residency- i.e. According to the NEW residency rule: One from each category must be given -­ only if not already online with the player's original registration -MUST HAVE PROPER DATES TO BE ACCEPTABLE
  • Each player must submit a certificate of live birth obtained by the register that shows the state seal or notarized stamp.  It is NOT the blue check style- it is the original. IF not online with player’s registration.-No hospital birth certs are acceptable.
  • Each player must submit and complete the Little League medical insurance information.
  • All of the above must be completed before the player will be on the official roster. Any missing items may revoke their eligibility and may be replaced.
  •  Any replacement of players due to vacations, school or other prior commitments will be done with the manager, coach, division director and the player agent.

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